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Net-Galleria™ is a distinguished Internet directory and resource. It has become notably popular amongInternet users. Its diversified contents attracts numerous users and keeps them coming back on a regular basis.We at Net_Galleria™ are committed to serve the Internet community by constantly amplifying and enhancingNet-Galleria's™ contents.

Advertising space in Net_Galleria™ is available to qualified sponsors on a monthly basis.Advertisement locations are available on Net-Galleria™ pages including the mainpage.
If you are interested in placing an ad on one of the Net-Galleria™ pages, this service is available for $1,999 - $4,999 per month for the main page and $599 - $1,999 per month for each sub-page.

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( All Banners should be 468x60 Pixels )

Banner Ad Locations and Prices:

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NOTE: Prices subject to change without prior notice.